Personal Information

A bunch of people have asked me lately, “Why haven’t you posted anything about [insert recent personal event here]?” The reason is that when I combined my two blogs back on September 25, 2003, I decided that I would stop posting personal information (mostly because I felt like my life was boring everyone). I’ve instead been focusing on technology and Internet related stuff, current events, movie and article reviews, and any other things that catch my interest.

Now that people are asking, I’ve decided to reconsider my ban on personal information. I’ll start posting major things that happen to me, and possibly a few funny or ironic situations I feel are worth mentioning now and again. I just don’t want to fall back into the somewhat boring details that make up most of my everyday life. [As an aside, when I say “boring details” I’m talking about things that I don’t think other people would find particularly interesting or fun to read. I am not trying to say that I think my life is boring.]

So, without further ado, let me announce for those of you who may not know (what rock have you been hiding under?), Janene and I got engaged on Christmas Day, 2003. We are anticipating a wedding on February 5, 2005, though the exact date hasn’t been finalized. We want to give ourselves time to finish some school, get pre-marital counseling from our pastor, and save up money so we will be as stable as possible when we combine our finances.

In addition to becoming a fiancé, I also became an uncle last month. Lindsay Joselyn was born on December 3, 2003. She is a beautiful little bundle. Excluding dirty diapers, “new baby smell” beats “new car smell” hands down. Congratulations, Steve and Merissa, and happy birthday Lindsay. I love you guys!

  • Hey Joey!

    Congratulations on your engagement! It’s just awesome! I am very happy for you.

  • Congratulations!

  • Ryley

    Hey Joey- Just catching up and wanted to say Congrats to you. Good luck in all you do!!