BoxWave miniSync

I ordered me a new hotsync cable for my Palm this morning. I wanted an extra so I could have one at work and one at home. The new one is a “BoxWave miniSync”: There is a similar product called a “JavoSync”: by JavoEdge. Both include a built-in changer (I’m pretty sure BoxWave’s picture is inaccurate).

The cables look exactly the same other than the logo emblazened on them, which leads me to believe they are outsourcing from the same as yet un-named company. They are both the same price, and I like green more than I like orange, so I went with BoxWave.

I’ll do a full review when it arrives in the mail. Stay tuned.

2 thoughts on “BoxWave miniSync

  1. Wow, Joey.

    This is indeed a fascinating peek into your life.
    And you’re wrong…Orange is better than green.

    But seriously, when’s the site coming out into the open?

    Agent Josh.

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