Discrimination in L.A. County


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Have you heard about the ACLU’s recent gripe against Los Angelos County? Apparently, they have alleged that the symbol of a cross on the L.A. County seal violates the Constitutional principle of separation of church and state. I’ve provided a picture of the seal so that you can see what I’m talking about. The cross is VERY small.

I, for one, am glad the ACLU is worried about separation of church and state. I believe in that principle, and I might have been in agreement with their recent argument, except for one glaringly obvious problem. Notice the lady in the middle of the seal? That’s the pagan goddess Pomona!

Since it is much bigger than the seemingly insignificant little cross, that image of Pomona (goddess of gardens and fruit trees) probably should’ve been the first target in the effort to uphold the Constitution. Unfortunately, by attacking the cross first, they ACLU has merely proven (as if it wasn’t clear already) that they are not so much against integration of church and state as they are simply against Christianity.

The ACLU has issued statements against many other counties whose seals bear crosses, but will they send statements to any counties whose seals contain only pagan or other religious symbols? Sadly, I doubt it.

Further reading:

# “Petition Seeks to Restore Cross to County Seal”:http://tinyurl.com/24upz (L.A. Times)
# “Signature drive aims to keep cross on county seal”:http://tinyurl.com/ypgqb (L.A. Daily News)

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  • I think the cow is a sacred symbol of Hindu worship. And the fish is too Christian for me. Oh, those oil towers, they remind me of the Middle East. I think that means the government is supporting Islam. Or maybe radical, religious terrorists. I’m appalled.

    Government should never mention specific religions. It should be completely neutral. School teachers should never mention that specific religions exist. They should refer to all religion as “THE Religion” or “mythology.”

    When teaching about the pilgrims who settled our country, history teachers should never mention that they were Christians. Nor should they say that they prayed to or gave thanks to God.

    In fact, we should just delete the portions of our history books that teach how the New Land was settled. It’s FAR too religious for my children to be learning about in school.

    I would be offended if anyone in school mentioned the Amish, the Muslims, or the Mormons. I don’t want my children learning about such myths. It might corrupt them.

    Edit by Joey: It should be noted that, in the above comment, Steve was employing a literary style known as sarcasm.