Will You Quit Complaining, Now?

Well, I still haven’t done any graphic work, but I think the layout is pretty much in place. It will probably be tweaked pixel-wise to fit whatever design I build, but you get the basic idea. I would love to have something like the design over at “Ordered List”:http://www.orderedlist.com, but it probably won’t happen. Graphic Design is not my forté.

Enough of you have been complaining about the splash screen (was it really that hard to click the preview link?) that I’ve finally taken it down. I don’t feel quite so embarrassed about the site anymore; it actually looks alright like this. Rest assured, though — it won’t look this way for long.

  • Tom

    Who complained? Didn’t they read the “Warning!” note? And didn’t they think that splash page was uproariously funny? I know I did. (Remember, it was added on March 16, 2004… Now why does that date matter… )

  • Joey

    I may have exaggerated a little. No one really complained, but I did get a lot of questions about it. Here are a couple of the recent ones:

    Agent Josh, commenting on “BoxWave miniSync”:http://www.joeyday.com/archives/individual/000624.php:

    bq. But seriously, when’s the site coming out into the open?

    FireBird, commenting on my “HRWiki UserSpace”:http://www.joeyday.com/?page=JoeyDay/comments:

    bq. Since this is just for you and not the Wiki, I didn’t put this in HelpDesk. But anywho, when will joeyday.com be up and running?