Towards Parity

I’ve almost matched my former Movable Type blog using WordPress.

Here’s a list of things that still need to be done (I’ll cross them off as I go, and may add more as they come up):

# Validate XHTML 1.0 Strict.
# Fix front page (3 entries with excerpts, 5 with titles only).
# Enable unique page titles (currently all pages say “Home”).
# Fix imported entries:
** Add newlines before and after “more” links.
** Set all to “Allow Pings.”
# ‘Figure out middot before “Comments” link’: (shows up by itself on individual entry pages).
# Fix “Information” page (create two separate files, or fork it using a variable?).
# Bring back familiar emoticons.
# Interblog menu.
# “Commentation” sidebar — recent comments (do I really want to keep this?).
# Numbered comments.
# Comment preview.

For my Foundation blog, the following things will need to be figured out before a switch is possible:

# Scripture linker.
# “Edification” sidebar. Find a plugin like MT-BookQueue? One possibility: WP-Amazon. Will I need a separate blog?

Here are a few other things I’d like to add when I find the time:

# Figure out WordPress links manager — add “Interpolation” and “Correlation” sidebars. (done with
# Figure out how to display a closing quotation mark in blockquotes. Use :first-child pseudo-class?
# Figure out Next and Previous links on archive pages.

I’m grateful for all the help I’ve received so far in switching to WordPress, and would ask that if anyone knows a quick way to cross off one or more of the above items, do let me know. Thanks.

  • Tom

    5. Figure out middot before “Comments” link (shows up by itself on individual entry pages).

    Oh, I know this one. I’ve had similar middot problems. I think I’d need to take a look at what you are doing with your PHP though. Give me a buzz or something.

  • This is an emoticon test:

    :) :D :( :o :s :? B-) :x :p ;) :| :$ :@ :eek: :roll:

  • Speaking of which, how do I change/modify/add/whatever emoticons in WordPress?

  • To change your emoticons in WP, you can simply edit the /wp-includes/vars.php file.

    I actually just got around to redoing my emotes (hence, the test). Now I need to go back and rebuild the graphics for some of them. They used to be on a white background and they look like puke on this blue one. I should’ve made ’em PNGs in the first place, but back when I created them I had no idea what a PNG was. :D

  • It works, but for some reason it breaks the admin panel. I had to download WordPress just to get another copy of vars.php.