Well, I feel like I’m a little behind the rest of the internet world, but I’ve finally discovered “”: Have you discovered If you use it regularly, let me know your username so I can add you to my list. My username is “joeyday”:

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  • Woah, cool. I’ve seen this before, but not on the official site, from some linux plugin that looked really boring. I use a bunch of diffrent web browsers/computers, so I’ll probaly start using this to keep track of all my bookmarks across computers. (my user name is ‘frem’, btw)

  • fahooglewitz1077

    It’s not very large, but then again, I just created it.

    By the way, how did you get that InterBlog thinger on your sidebar?

  • I’ve known about for awhile, but only started really using it about a month ago. It’s totally snowballed and now I’m using it almost exclusively for my bookmarking needs (excepting a few daily reads). It’s love.

    Here’s the oblig.: