LDS Linker 1.4

Notice: A newer version of LDS Linker has been released.

LDS Linker is a WordPress plugin I created that changes any Latter-day Saint scripture reference into a hyperlink pointing to the Internet Edition of the LDS Scriptures. It recognizes references whether the book name is written out or shortened using the standard abbreviations.

Here are some examples:

Moro. 10:3–5 is a scripture mastery verse. Other scripture mastery verses include Mosiah 4:30, D&C 130:22–23, and JS-H 1:15–20. I have Articles of Faith 1:1–13 memorized—how ’bout you?

Version 1.2.1 stopped working a few months ago when the LDS church made significant changes to the way search queries are performed against their scripture system. Version 1.3 attempts to address that issue but probably doesn’t go far enough. I’m aware that D&C references are broken in this version (because the & symbol isn’t being encoded properly before being passed to I’m sure there are other issues I’m not aware of, so please let me know if you find anything fishy. I plan to rework the whole system soon so it links directly to passages instead of to search queries (i.e. Moro. 10:3-5 instead of Moro. 10:3-5).

Version 1.4 comes hot on the heels of 1.3 and fixes the Doctrine and Covenants links issue. I found that using the urlencode() function around the book name tamed that pesky ampersand into submission and thus restored the Doctrine and Covenants to the list of books LDS Linker can handle.

A big thanks to those who’ve helped me improve the code. Are you using LDS Linker? Please let me know what you think. End mark

2 thoughts on “LDS Linker 1.4

  1. Joey,

    Awesome plugin! I’d love to use it as soon as the links point to the scriptures themselves – can you send me an email once this functionality is set? I’ll see if Richard at the More Good Foundation will post it on their blog too, to help spread the word. Great idea!


  2. did you realize the plugin broke with the drop of the old now all links need to go to Im about to delve into the code to fix it.

    If you could offer an official upgrade all (including me) would be in your debt forever.

    sorry for the duplicate comment. Just want to make sure you got it. Thanks in advance, I really love the plugin.

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