Meme of fours

I was tagged for this by my lovely wife, so here goes:

Four jobs I’ve had

  1. Pizza deliverer for 5 Buck Pizza
  2. Coffee and danish gopher1 for the Youth Pastor at Southeast Baptist Church
  3. Superhero2 for Western Governors University
  4. Evil junk mailer3 for Centex Home Equity

Four films I could watch over and over

  1. Stranger Than Fiction
  2. Minority Report
  3. Lord of the Rings: Return of the King
  4. A toss-up between The Incredibles and Ratatouille

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  1. This is a joke, actually. I can’t recall getting anyone coffee or a danish once during the three months I was there. This was actually a very rewarding internship where I learned boatloads about what it means to work in full-time ministry. []
  2. This is an exaggeration, obviously, but not far from the truth. As an IT Service Desk Technician, I put out a lot of fires and generally save the day on a regular basis. []
  3. This one’s no joke. I maintained a Microsoft Access database full of leads (mostly homeowners gathered from public records) and printed, stuffed, and mailed several hundred mail merge letters per week to people on the list. It was a good paying high school job, but I’ll never do it again, I promise. []

NPR miscellany #1

NPR Logo

I hear a lot of interesting stories on NPR, so I’m going to start highlighting a few of them from time to time on my blog. Tonight I heard a couple great stories on All Things Considered that I’d like to share.

The first story is about a bizarre problem that’s killing commercial bees all over the U.S. called Colony Collapse Disorder. This is a big deal because a lot of the crops we consume are pollinated by these bees. Here’s the story: “Disease Hits Bees, and Vital Crops Suffer” (Listen).

The second story is about one the best Iranian food chefs in Washington, D.C. The kicker is that he’s not even from Iran. Instead, he’s from El Salvador. He started as a bus boy in an Iranian restaurant and worked his way into the kitchen. Now he owns his own restaurant and flies all over the world to cook for special events. My favorite part of this story is the part about the deeply religious people who are shocked to find out that a Christian Latino had prepared their Islamic Halal dinner (they calm down when they learn he does everything by the book). Here’s the story: “In D.C., Top Iranian Chef Hails From El Salvador” (Listen).

Ab’s Drive-in

Janene and I had dinner last night at one of our favorite places, “Ab’s Drive-in”:,-111952964,17784051337607135689. I would recommend Ab’s to anyone with a stomach, and, no, I haven’t been paid to say that.

Ab’s signature meal is a Fat Boy burger with fries. Their burgers are excellent, but the fries are really where Ab’s shines. They leave the skin on the potatoes, giving them a homestyle taste, and their fry sauce simply has no equal. They use some secret ingredient to give the sauce a more glazed look and an amazing flavor.

If you live anywhere near Salt Lake City, you really should swing by Ab’s sometime. You won’t regret it. If you’re in the mood for some company, Janene and I would love to go with you. We’ve been talking about inviting friends for a while and just haven’t got around to it.

Are you with Arby’s? — Unofficially.

I just had an “Arby’s”: Beef ‘n’ Cheddar with homestyle fries. Holy cow. Could anything be better? I’m having trouble thinking of anything off the top of my head. Arby’s beats Burger King and McDonald’s hands down. Their fries are the best, and roast beef is so much more refined than hamburger. Did I mention they have awesome shakes?

Man, I gotta get me some more o’ that.