Versed, a curious thing


I accompanied Janene to the endodontist on Monday to get a root canal (she tells the story here). As they prepped her for the procedure, she eagerly inquired about sedation options. They offered her a little something called Versed. I don’t know if you know anything about Versed (I didn’t until Monday), but it’s an awfully potent drug with some rather remarkable effects.

The endodontist’s assistant explained that Versed induces a conscious sedation. Janene would be awake through the entire procedure, able to follow instructions and answer questions, but she would have no memory of the whole experience. As far as she was concerned, it would feel as if she just took a little nap.

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Tumbletown Tales

The wife and I were channel surfing the other day and stumbled across the strangest show we’ve ever seen. It’s actually not a whole show, per se, but rather a short segment of a children’s program called TVOKids developed for TVOntario Canadian public television. The segment, called Tumbleweed Tales, is meant to teach kids simple math concepts, but the funny thing is that it’s performed entirely by small rodents (with character dialog performed by the hosts of TVOKids).

It’s probably best I stop explaining and just let you watch. Let me know if you find it as entertaining as we did.

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