Freedom Tower


Freedom Tower on the New York Skyline (Artist's Conception) Freedom Tower Model
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Designs for the new “Freedom Tower”, to be built on Ground Zero, were unveiled on Friday. It’s got elements reminiscent of the Brooklyn Bridge and the Statue of Liberty, and will be exactly 1,776 feet tall to commemorate the signing of the Declaration of Independence. A fairly large section of the building is simply a wire frame that has several wind turbines built in. The turbines will provide 20-40% of the building’s electricity.

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# Freedom Tower in NYC will be world’s tallest — well, sort of.
# Architects Unveil Revised Freedom Tower Design.
# Revised WTC Freedom Tower Design Unveiled.

Google News Alerts

I absolutely love Google News. It brings together articles from over 4,500 different news sites, and you can search for news on any topic you happen to be interested in.

One of the greatest features they’ve added to the system is News Alerts. You can specify search terms and an email address, and you’ll receive news about your search terms as often as you specify. I’ve set up a few different ones, for instance: “mozilla firebird”, “university of utah”, “contentwatch”, and “southern baptist”. I love being able to read current news about things I am interested in, rather than having to wade through a bunch of news I don’t care to read.

Microsoft Must Be Under a Lot of Stress

Microsoft apparently forgot to renew its domain registration for You can read the full story over at The Register, a british IT news site.

Some guy noticed that the domain was available and snatched it up out of the goodness of his heart before anyone else could. He’s already agreed to give it back to Microsoft. If I’m not mistaken, it would be illegal for him to sell it back. You would hope Microsoft will at least reimburse the guy for the cost of registering the domain.

The domain registrar said they followed procedure in making sure Microsoft was aware of the domain’s upcoming expiration. I guess someone really dropped the ball on that one.

Peach and Blue Twenty

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I actually saw one of these over the weekend. The new $20 bill is multi-colored. Released on October 9, 2003, the new bills are still mostly trademark green, but now include blue and peach colored areas. As they continue to release the other bills, they will each have their own unique color scheme, allowing you to quickly recognize a bill by its coloring alone.

The U.S. Bureau of Engraving and Printing issued a press release concerning the bills last Thursday. They’ve also devoted a whole section of their website to highlighting the features of the new bills.

Iraqis Get New Dinars

The University has started a pilot program where they’re giving away copies of the Salt Lake Tribune, the Deseret News, and USA Today. If they feel students will use the papers, they’ll add five bucks to student fees next year and make the free (well, sortof free) papers permanent.

Anyway, I grabbed a copy of the Trib today and read a very interesting article while I was riding Trax home.

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Mozilla in the Clear

Bad news: Microsoft has released the details of future changes to Internet Explorer. They’re being forced to change it because of a recent lawsuit involving a small company called Eolas. Eolas is owned and operated by one man, Michael Doyle, who patented the concept of plug-ins back in 1994. Microsoft will probably put this change out as a Windows Update in early 2004.

Good news: In a recent interview, Doyle explained that free browsers like Mozilla are exempt from any royalties. What this means, of course, as that they won’t have to stop using plug-ins.

bq.. What would you say to Web developers [or those few competing browser makers out there] who are concerned they’ll have to purchase some sort of an expensive license to be able to do this?

Doyle: I think the key word there is “expensive.” . . . We have from the beginning had a general policy of providing non-commercial users royalty-free licenses. We expect to be paid for the commercial use of our technologies.

p. One more reason to switch to Firebird, folks. :-)

Yahoo’s Done It Again

Does anybody remember when Yahoo had free POP email? Wasn’t that cool? I loved that. No other free email company offered POP. I remember (before I owned or when I used to have upwards of twelve free email accounts through various portals. I was forwarding them all to Yahoo so I could use Outlook Express. Those were the days. I even had Yahoo set as my home page. I loved reading my Reuters news and getting my weather information, and I thought the Yahoo search engine was the best. I also had two Yahoo Geocities accounts.

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