I can only assume this happened when I upgraded to WordPress 1.5, but three of my old entries somehow lost their “publish” status. Instead of going into “draft” status, they simply had no status at all and ended up floating around in the ether. I was able to fix it by manually editing the SQL table. If you’ve upgraded to 1.5 recently, you may want to go back and see if you’re missing a few entries.

WordPress Pages

I’ve converted my “Info”: page into a WordPress “Page” (I also added a new paragraph about the wiki). Converting it required me to build a new page.php template, but that was relatively easy. I had fun adding custom fields to my pages so that each page I build can have its own title and tagline, following my “-ation” word and definition pattern. I also use a specific body id on each of my pages to facilitate styling the navbar, so that was put into a custom field as well.

With the help of a “slick plugin”:, I’ve also created a “Contact”: page. I’m really getting tired of spam email, and having a contact page allows me to pull all my email addresses off the site indefinitely.

Introducing “Joey Day : Collaboration”

A friend of mine contacted me over IM with a CSS question today. Through the course of the conversation, he introduced me to an insteresting resource: “pastebin”:

The premise is simple. Need help troubleshooting a piece of code? Maybe you’ve been talking to a friend over IM or IRC and they want to see what you’re working on. Pasting the code into the IM window can be a little annoying. Instead, you can simply paste your code into pastebin and give your friend a link. They can edit the code and paste it back so you can see their suggested changes.

I took the liberty of stealing their script (they said I could) and installed it at There are a few kinks to work out, but feel free to use it whenever you like.

Edit April 18, 2005 @ 2:03 pm: I’ve taken my local installation of pastebin down because I wasn’t really using it.

MagpieRSS Caching

Ever since I installed MagpieRSS on my server (it powers my sidebar links), the site loads a lot slower. I’m pretty sure it’s happening because Magpie’s caching isn’t enabled. I’d like to have caching anyway to prevent my site from overloading—not that it would with my piddly traffic, but it seems incredibly impolite to ping someone else’s server every time my site loads.

I’ve gone through the readme files and tried the steps outlined for setting up caching, but it doesn’t seem to be working correctly. If anyone knows anything (or can figure anything out) about MagpieRSS, please let me know. Thanks. End mark

Interpolation Sidebar

Using instructions provided by Jon Hicks over at “”:, I’ve added a new item to my sidebar (it’s getting kinda long, isn’t it?). It’s a dynamic list of links pulled from my bookmarks. From time to time I’ll post links I feel are interesting, but not interesting enough to deserve a full post.

Ready for Primetime

Avocation has finally been ported fully from Movable Type to WordPress. There are still a few things I’ll need to figure out before I can port my Foundation blog, but I’m pleased with the way WordPress is handling my content. I especially love not having to rebuild anything. I also feel better knowing I’ll never have to pay to use my blog software.

If you see anything that still looks funny, let me know.


I’m seriously considering a switch to “WordPress”:, but I’m not sure I’m ready to take the plunge, yet. I’ve installed a test at so I can try it out. It’s very different from MT.

What I like about it is that pages are generated entirely with PHP and MySQL. No Perl/CGI is used at all, meaning pages are truly dynamic. In addition, WP is open source (MT recently went commercial, offering a hard-to-find free version with limited allowable use).

I’ll keep you posted on my decision to switch.

_[EDIT: The test site listed above was originally linked, but I’ve made the switch now so I removed the link.]_