ContentWatch in the News

This doesn’t happen very often, but I have a “Google News Alert”: set up to catch it when it does. “ContentWatch”: appeared in an article called [“Safe Surfing”:,1299,DRMN_107_3028609,00.html ] on “”:

The article comes in response to the Supreme Court’s recent decision to overturn a proposed federal law (i.e. the Child Online Protection Act) that would have deemed it illegal for sites to make objectionable material available to minors on the Internet. The law was considered by the court to be unenforcable (they cite that nearly 40% of sites harmful to minors are outside the U.S.), and the recommendation was that parents should use commercially available filtering software.

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ContentWatch Upgrades

ContentWatch updated their website today (it’s been in the works for several months) and released version 1.8 of it’s content filtering products.

The website redesign looks pretty spiffy. I like the way they’ve organized things, but I’m a little dissappointed that it’s not coded to current W3C standards (they don’t even declare a doctype!). During the redesign they gave demo links to employees so we could test the new site. I pointed out that the pages weren’t validating, but they must not be worried about that because they haven’t made any changes (other than some bug fixes and minor cosmetic stuff).

The newest version of ContentProtect is wonderful. I’ve been using the beta on my computer for a while and I’m very happy with the changes they’ve made. There are now time controls, so you can fine tune when each family member is allowed to be online down to half hour blocks of time. If you want to restrict your kids to one or two hours of surfing after school, but let them surf most of the day Saturday, feel free.

With the new version comes a new pricing scheme. We’ve switched to a subscription basis for updates and technical support. The update also fixes the recategorization of URLs (which has been broken for a while) and several bugs and incompatibility issues. This is the most stable release so far (they’ve all been pretty stable since 1.4).

For more information, visit ContentWatch on the web. Be sure to check out the most recent press release.

New ContentWatch Offices

I moved all my stuff down to the new office today. I’ve been doing a lot of manual labor lately putting together cubicles and hauling heavy desks and computer equipment around. The new office is a bit shabbier than the old (try to imagine green carpet and cubicles with white hardware and pink fabric), but it’s far more spacious. My new cubicle has four walls that I can’t see over when I’m sitting down. I consider that a definite step up from two waist high walls and open space behind me.

The new office is at about 21st South and Redwood Rd., so it’s more convenient on days when I have both work and school. However, it’s actually farther away from my house, which makes it less convenient on days when I don’t have school (e.g. all of next semester). You win some, you lose some.

Superfluous Punctuation

So, a few weeks ago my friend Mike wrote in his blog about people using punctuation around passwords and other information that should be word-perfect.

Case in point: today I got an email at work from a lady who wanted her ContentCleanup login information changed. Here’s a direct quote from her email:

Please change my username to: minette;ihjl, and my password to:

Now, she did put the password on a new line with no punctuation around it, but what about that username? Is that comma part of it, or no? Luckily, the ContentCleanup username should always be a valid email address, so this one’s bogus with or without the comma, but it’s still confusing. 

Going Through Withdrawals

ContentWatch (the company I work for) just hired a new business manager who has decided to whip the place into shape in terms of productivity. My manager sent out the following email a few days ago:

bq.. Team,

Some of you may be aware that people and responsibilities have been changing lately. Prior to the formal announcement, I just wanted you to know that <Name Removed> has taken over the day to day management of ContentWatch and is building a new team with many existing people and some new people. The goal is to be the best in the Internet Protection Market which includes productivity of employees.

<Name Removed> has asked everyone to practice what we preach. To that end please make sure you are using our products on your machines, refrain from playing games on your computer, do not use instant messenger and use the Internet wisely. Non-company related searches and sites on the Internet should just be during your breaks.


<Name Removed>
ContentWatch Inc.
Customer Support Manager

p. I’m not excited about losing Instant Messaging, but I’m willing to sacrifice that in the name of productivity. If I’m completely honest with myself I have to admit that IM has been a distraction at times and kept me from answering as many emails as I could have.

Anyway, the major reason I’ve posted this is so that my friends will know why I’m not online during the day anymore. I’m not trying to ignore anybody, but orders are orders.

In related news, I just found out today that the company offices are being relocated. The new location is closer to the University (of course, just about anywhere is closer than Bluffdale :)), so it should save me quite a bit of gas. The move will take place the first week in December.