Can You Say, “Wow”?

I found a great page that highlights the raw power of CSS. It’s called the CSS Zen Garden. At first glance, the site may seem a little pointless. It only has one page, and the few links that exist on the page all seem to point to other sites. I was tempted to leave the page a few seconds after I landed on it…

But then I noticed the menu down the side listing a bunch of stylesheets and their respective authors. Clicking on any style refreshes and applies the chosen stylesheet to the page. You can’t really understand what I’m talking about unless you have a look for yourself, but in most instances, the stylesheet radically alters the layout of the page.

Anyone who knows CSS and has graphic design experience is encouraged to submit a CSS file, but no one is allowed to alter the original HTML file. Viewing the source of this site really gave me a sense for how to code an HTML file for maximum flexibility and how powerful CSS can be in terms of layout and style.

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