Indecent AOL Commercial

Who’s seen the new AOL commercial for their built-in popup blocker? It starts out with a woman in a swimming pool with a bikini on. She swims to one end of the pool where there is a set of stairs coming out of the water. She begins to climb out of the pool, but just before her chest comes out of the water a popup window comes onto the screen. Then, as she continues to climb out of the water, popups appear over other sensitive areas of her body until there are so many popups all you can see is her head and some of the background. Then, a mouse pointer comes on the screen and begins to close the popups, and you can just barely see her behind there putting on a towel. By the time all the popups are closed she’s got the towel completely covering herself. Then, an announcer says, “Annoying, isn’t it?”

This commercial bugs me. I get calls every day from people trying to use ContentWatch’s PopupProtect software to stop pornographic popups from appearing on their computers. Here AOL is actually trying to convince us that we should buy their newest version of AOL so we can block the popups that obstruct our view of all the porn. Doesn’t AOL have parental controls built in? What kind of double-standard is this?

7 thoughts on “Indecent AOL Commercial

  1. That woman had nothing to do with porn. Great a••, yes. You need to slow your brain down and realize AOL is doing nothing more than saying, “hey, I just want to see something without a million pop-ups.” How about getting a hobby!!

  2. I don’t know how you can argue that the commercial wasn’t about sex (or porn as you put it). Of all the things that it could have chosen to put popups in front of, they chose to place them over a woman in a bikini.

    I haven’t actually seen the commercial, so I don’t know how “indecent” this bikini is. But it is fairly obvious that aol is using sex to sell their product. (that isn’t that uncommon of a practice now-a-days.)

    As for a hobby, what do you think this is… :)

  3. I’ll give. Perhaps porn was a harsh word. However, my point was there are so many things AOL could’ve used in place of a bikini-clad woman that would’ve sold their point just as well. I personally would be very annoyed if that many popups appeared in front of a Homestar Runner cartoon (especially if I was just getting to the good part of japanese cartoon). That would make a great commercial.

    I guess my opinion on the subject of popups may be skewed by the fact that I am a Christian who works for a company dedicated to eradicating Internet pornography, but I really feel that this commercial is pointed at (and therefore lends approval to the actions of) users who like looking at sexually-oriented material, something which I feel is morally wrong.

  4. a company dedicated to eradicating Internet pornography

    Since when has that been the case. I thought you were just a company selling a product that people were interested in. Actually, I thought that your software was more to increase employee productivity (by eliminating mindless surfing), or something along those lines.

    :) just playing with you.

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