Blogging for America

Guess what everyone? Georgie Bush has a blog site! You can view it here.

No commenting allowed on that blog though. Darn! If you so desire to do so (or to read other people’s responses on this whacked out creation) go here.

  • Joey

    Before I say anything, let me point out that I am a republican and I will be voting for Bush in the next election.

    This website is stupid. It’s not a blog. A “weblog” is a place where someone logs the things they find as they surf around online. This new Bush site is more like an online journal, but it’s not even that since it doesn’t get very personal. It’s really just a news feed.

    The site gets updated several times a day. I probably won’t read it, but for interested people this is a pretty nice service for keeping up-to-date. I think it’s great, but they shouldn’t call it a blog in some attempt to make it sound cool.

  • Kristen

    JOEY!! You’re voting for Bush??? [Surprised Smiley]

    Oh… how could you!! [Winking Smiley]