Night of the Image Map

A List Apart released a new article this week by author Stuart Robertson. The article details an intriguing new form of the old-fashioned image map. He throws the image up as a background and then uses CSS to position the links over the top. Pretty clever, eh?

However, what I think is even more clever is the site he designed using the technique: Blambot’s Dead Ends. It’s a choose your own adventure book! I used to love those when I was a kid. I haven’t had a chance to read much of this one, but the site looks incredible. Who would’ve thought you could build a great looking page like this using standards compliant methods?

2 thoughts on “Night of the Image Map

  1. Apparently, it didn’t post the site.

    Check out the search engine here.

    .NET has some issues with Netscrape amd similar browsers (But IE can’t even display PNG images properly… go figure) so you actually have to click on “submit” rather than pressing “enter”.

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