Disney Dream Desk

“Disney”:http://www.disney.com made an exciting announcement today. Well, you might not think it’s exciting, but everyone here at “ContentWatch”:http://www.contentwatch.com is ecstatic.

In a press conference this morning, Disney unveiled the new “[“Disney Dream Desk”:http://www.compusa.com/promos/disneydreamdesk/default.asp]”. It’s intended for kids, and carries a low price tag for budget-conscious parents. The various parts are styled to look like Mickey Mouse, though in a surprising — but pleasant — shade of baby blue. The Dream Desk will be available September 12 in “CompUSA”:http://www.compusa.com stores across the nation.

The exciting thing for us is that every one of these computers comes with our ContentProtect Home Suite under the hood. Keep in mind, I’m not an official spokesman for the company (I’m just a lowly customer support representative), but I know ContentWatch couldn’t be happier about this partnership with Disney. We feel honored to have been selected by such a prestigious company to offer peace of mind to their customers.

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