Avocation Enters the 21st Century

When I first started using “Movable Type”:http://www.movabletype.org I decided the fastest way to learn the system was to start from scratch building my own templates, rather than relying on their prebuilt ones (which are all boring, anyway). Consequently, I was very late to adopt some of the more useful features. It took me a while to figure out trackback pings and category archives, and I still have yet to create a master archive index, prefering to list my category and monthly archives on the sidebar. I’ve been especially slow to add RSS/Atom syndication feeds, partly because I don’t understand it, and partly because I never saw the usefulness of it.

Upon the release of Firefox 1.0 PR with its new “Live Bookmarks” feature, I’ve decided to finally add syndication feeds to my site. I’ve used the default MT templates since I don’t understand what any of the code means. Maybe I’ll dig into it later and try to build my own, though I can’t see from the outset what I would do differently.

The feeds are listed below. I’ll probably be adding links to these in my footer, but Firefox detects them automagically from the @@ tags I’ve placed in my header.

* “Atom feed”:http://joeyday.com/atom.xml
* “RSS 2.0 feed”:http://joeyday.com/index.xml
* “RSS 1.0 feed”:http://joeyday.com/index.rdf


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