Tech Recap

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged, and many important things have happened in the tech world.

First off, “Thunderbird 1.0”: has been released. I haven’t noticed much in the way of new features since 0.7, but it seems to be extremely stable and sports a stylish new default theme (although that may have debuted in version 0.9, which I somehow completely skipped over).

In other Mozilla news, the “New York Times Firefox 1.0 ad is finally finished”: It should appear in the paper during the next week or so. I’ll definitely be picking me up a copy.

I may be the last one on the planet to have done so, but I discovered the Google Blog the other day. Unlike so many others on the web, I’m not even going to mention the new “Google Suggest”: — wait, did I just mention it? Oh, well. Incidentally, my “Google Suggest number”: is 7.0.1.

In other Google news, “Froogle”: now lets users set up a shopping list and a public wish list. This is great for those random items Amazon doesn’t carry. If you’re thinking about getting me something for Christmas, be sure to check my new “Froogle wish list”:

One thought on “Tech Recap

  1. The visual theme in Thunderbird 1.0 is new, the visual theme in 0.9 was unchanged from several versions back. The only new feature I noticed was the little red close button in the search bar. It may or may not be more stable than before, but it hasn’t crashed yet (not that earlier versions crashed much either).

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