A Better Wishlist

Well, smack me up the side of my head with a rubber tuna fish. Jordan over at swirlee.org has found what I think may be “the best way to keep track of a wish list”:http://www.swirlee.org/2005/01/06/a-delicious-wish-list/ using del.icio.us. It’s so devilishly simple I’m not sure why hundreds of people haven’t done it before.

After ranting about the inadequacies of both Amazon and Froogle, Jordan has this to say:

bq.. Having recently fallen in love with, and having rapidly become entirely dependent upon, del.icio.us, I believe it may be the solution.

The proof-of-concept is easy: when you find an item, click on your del.icio.us bookmarklet, add the “wishlist� tag, and that’s it, you’ve got a wishlist.

p. I think I’ll start doing this right away.

Incidentally, Jordan recently redesigned his site. I’m a little flattered because he seems to have copied my idea of using similar words for sidebar titles. I, of course, use verbs that have been changed into nouns with the “-ation” ending; Jordan is using adverbs. Maybe he didn’t realize he was copying me at all, but if he was I can only say that imitation is the best form of flattery. He’s also added a del.icio.us link list using the same method I use, though he seems to have actually made it work (imagine that!). Kudos on your redesign, Jordan.

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