WordPress Plugin: LDS Linker 1.0

Notice: A newer version of LDS Linker has been released.

After much toil, I introduce LDS Linker, a WordPress plugin that changes any LDS scripture reference into a hyperlink pointing to the Internet Edition of the LDS Scriptures.

The idea did not originate with me, of course. I’ve borrowed heavily from the excellent Scripturizer plugin developed by Scott Yang. I’ve been using that since the inception of this blog because I really like Bible Gateway.

For Standard Works references, I’ve previously used Eric James Stone’s Scripture Linker plugin for Movable Type. That was one of the few plugins I was sad to leave behind when I made the switch to WordPress. Since the transition, I’ve tried using John Hesch’s LDS Scripturize plugin, but found it lacking in features (notably, support for D&C references).

This new plugin recognizes any reference to the LDS standard works, whether the book name is written out or shortened using the standard abbreviations. Here are some examples:

Moro. 10:3–5 is a scripture mastery verse. Other scripture mastery verses include Mosiah 4:30, D&C 130:22–23, and JS-H 1:15–20. I have Articles of Faith 1:1–13 memorized—how ’bout you?

I hope this new plugin will find use on many LDS blogs. I’m sure some will hesitate to install it on account it was developed by a non-Mormon (many might call me “anti-Mormon”). Please understand I developed it so my readers can go to the LDS scriptures and see for themselves if what I’m saying is accurate.

Having been LDS once, I understand how it feels to be misrepresented. I now disagree with Mormonism’s major tenets, but I hope it is never said that I have not tried to understand and portray them as fairly as possible. Whether you believe they are inspired or not, you’ll surely agree that no one will ever learn anything about the LDS Standard Works without reading them.

As should be obvious, I welcome any feedback on the plugin. End mark

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