RSS for State Documents

I got an interesting announcement from the “Salt Lake City Weblogger Meetup”: in my email yesterday. Apparently, Utah is one of only three states using RSS to circulate official state domuments. The email says it better than I could:

bq.. Hello everyone,

I just want to invite others to come out for the webloggers meetup this next Wednesday, February 16th. Ken Hansen, a member of our group, just came back from Washington D.C. where they discussed about the use of RSS in government. I invited him to share this information on our next meetup. Please come! Here’s
what he had to say:

Representatives from the government agencies responsible for publishing administrative rules around the country met in Washington D.C. on Feb 4 through 6. The session that sparked the greatest level of discussion focused on the use of RSS
feeds as a method of providing notice to the public. The states currently using RSS in relation to regulatory information include Delaware, Rhode Island, and Utah.

The Utah Division of Administrative Rules is currently experimenting with RSS is several ways. First, the Division has created blogs for its “newsletter”: and the “Governor’s Executive Documents”: Second, the Division has used a categorical feed of its newsletter, and a feed available from the Legislature’s site to generate a “legislative update web page”: Third, the Division is experimenting with several notification feeds:

* “”:
* “”:
* “”:
* “”:

I am open for suggestions that might improve our effort.

— Ken

p. This simultaneously makes me feel proud to be a Utahn and bad for not attending the Meetups.

  • Anonymous

    where’s the meetup? got a link?

  • Heh. I meant to link that when I posted. I edited the post above to include a link to the meetup.