Upon hearing that Robots was more action-packed than most computer animated films, I was looking forward to another The Incredibles. Unfortunately, Robots was a huge let-down.

To it’s credit, the movie had some fun characters. Robin Williams is good in just about everything he does, and his character, Fender, provided some much needed comic relief. Shamefully, nothing else in this film was funny.

The plot was sub-par and the characters were two-dimensional. The animators really pushed the envelope in terms of complexity on a lot of scenes, but that only served to make those scenes seem disjointed from the rest of the movie.

Unless you really love CG eye-candy and aren’t opposed to sitting through a crummy plot, my advice is to spend your money somewhere else.

  • I appreciate your comments. I have a small desire to see “Robots” because of Robin Williams. Other than that, the trailers haven’t really given me a desire to go watch it in theaters.

    I don’t think 20th Century Fox knows how to generate a good plot for its computer-animated movies. Personally, I wasn’t very impressed with “Ice Age.” I thought the “Land Before Time” plot has been rehashed enough.

    Pixar is excellent at CG movies, however. At least, they are good when they are tied to Disney. I hope the tradition of great shows continues when the two firms part company.