43 Things

I think I’m officially addicted to memes.

I just found this great site called 43 Things. It’s another of those social sites like del.icio.us and Flickr. At 43 Things you list your long- and short-term goals and then track your own progress. You can also find other people who are working toward the same goals and enlist or offer help.

A while back I started compiling a list of 100 life goals. Last night I copied some things from that list onto 43 Things. Some of my goals are fanciful, but many are serious things I’d like to acheive.

Now to find a place to display “my 43 Things list”:http://www.43things.com/people/view/joeyday here on my blog…

  • Tom

    Now to find a place to display my 43 Things list here on my blog…

    More like, “how to use a PHP include to pull it into a nifty sidebar display.”

    Or, “where to put the sidebar display this time.”

  • Tom said:

    More like, “how to use a PHP include to pull it into a nifty sidebar display.”

    Or, “where to put the sidebar display this time.”

    Oh, I know how I’ll pull it in. I’ll just use Magpie RSS the same way I display my del.icio.us links (oh, I guess I neglected to mention 43 Things has RSS support).

    Your second question is the harder one: where do I put it? I think the best place would be the sidebar on my “Info”:http://www.joeyday.com/info page. I’ll probably just knock my Annotation and Salivation lists down a bit (maybe reduce them to 7 instead of 8 items each) and throw it in at the top.

  • Mike

    “have my name listed in the credits of a movie”
    Like in striptease or something?

    “ride in an old-style taxi cab in New York”
    The mafia is over

    “invent something useful”
    Like an automatic waste extraction system?

    “break my all-time bowling record of 207”
    Is that alot?

    “get a bachelors degree”
    In blogging?

    “get a masters degree”
    In Advanced blogging?

    “get a doctorate degree”
    In Uber blogging?

    “read “The Lord of The Rings””
    People still read books?

    “get lasik”
    An eye for an eye

    “go on a mission trip”
    To boldly go…

    “play chess in central park”
    3-D chess?

    “read the Bible in a year”

    “memorize a (medium-sized) book of the Bible”
    1, 2, skip a few

    “visit all 50 states”
    49 fool. Utah is not a state.

    “go skinny dipping”

    “win a game in a chess tournament”

    “read “The Princess Bride””
    Its a movie fool!

    “write a book”
    Confessions of a dangerous mind has already been made

    “learn Spanish”
    Hola foolio!

    “learn Koine Greek”

    “get a laptop”
    Whats wrong with the one you have?

    “pray more”
    alot of sins lately?

  • What is that Del.icio.us interface you have on the side panel thats pretty neat.