A New Domain

A while ago I was “talking”:http://joeyday.com/2005/02/09/too-many-websites about a new domain name I was excited about acquiring. Little did I know the process would take as long as it did. Apparently, expired domains don’t become publicly available until 75 days after the stated expiration date.

Fortunately, the domain did quietly expire, and, after so much waiting, I’m excited to announce that I have secured the rights to it. You may have already guessed: joeyday.net is now officially mine.

Since I don’t want to start a third blog (can you imagine?), I’ve decided to keep the new site all to myself. I’ve had a locked-down wiki installed here for some time now, and I’ve already moved it to its new location. From time to time I may host a few public pages there, but it will be used primarily for personal notes, uploads, and other private articles.

I’m quite pleased to finally own a completed trifecta of domain names. I can’t help but feel like everyone’s favorite video game hero after beating level 8 and collecting the third and final piece of some kind of talisman of power. Or maybe I’m just mentally unbalanced. Time will tell, I suppose.

  • Mike

    If I would of known that, I could of bought it and held it for ransom.

  • Thats pretty spiffy, but… why? I suppose you can access it on any computer, and that’s kinda cool. I guess I’d just rather manage my own Wiki-ish thing localy using Tomboy.

  • Blast you, Joey Day! I wanted Joeyday.net all for myself! Then I’d like…use it to have a website…about…you? BLAST YOUUUU!!!