An Open Question

I ♥ Mormons mug

I just bought an “I ♥ Mormons” mug from the “I Heart” Shop at I’m planning to keep it on my desk at work. I have a mug there now which I regularly drink coffee out of.

Whether you’re Mormon or not, would you be uncomfortable with me keeping this new mug on my desk? Why or why not?

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3 thoughts on “An Open Question

  1. So, you are saying you are going to drink coffee out of it, huh?

    I think it’s funny. I’m not offended in any way.

    Thank you for posting finally! ;) And thanks for the Preview capabilities.

  2. I think that it’s a terrific idea. For one thing you should love all your neighbors, whether you agree with their beliefs or not. Secondly, you never know what witnessing opportunities may arise out of just having the mug sit on your desk. It’s a great idea! Good Luck!

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