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I’ve replaced the header images both on this blog and on my Avocation blog. I had to finagle a half-transparent box just to make the text readable on both sites, but I don’t think it looks half bad (note that I haven’t looked at it in IE yet). One down side is it breaks when you increase or decrease your text size. I’d love to rip this all down and start over, but I don’t have the time, and I think this small change will keep me satisfied with this layout for a few months more.

The image here is the inner workings of a Burlington Bulldog railroad watch. I went looking for photos of pocket watches1 and found this one in Kevin Trotman’s Flickr photo stream. It’s licensed under a Creative Commons license and I’ve given Kevin proper attribution in my blog footer, so I am using it with permission. You can find the original photo here. The image on my Avocation blog is a picture I took yesterday from my office window on the eighth floor. It is the wasatch mountains on the East side of the Salt Lake Valley (specifically, Mount Olympus just left of center and Twin Peaks off to the right). You can find the original photo here.

  1. Why a pocket watch? For the connection, see the Teleological argument for the existence of God. []
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One thought on “New Header Images

  1. Oh! A post. Good to see you again, Joey.

    Why would you want to break the site down and rework it? You have only made a few blog entries since the last time you reworked everything. I think it looks fine!

    FellowSites is what is suffering right now…and not just from design flaws.

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