CSS Naked Day!

I’ve stripped off all my CSS for the day (and maybe a few more days). Why? It’s the first annual CSS Naked Day. Several of my favorite blogs have gone naked as well, including Adactio and Clagnut. There’s also a mention on The Web Standards Project.

The point is to expose the raw HTML of your site to see if it’s actually usable. The point of standards based design is to separate function and content as much as possible from layout and style. If a web designer has done his job right, the site should remain functional with no CSS whatsoever.

So, what do you think? Is the site still usable? I realize it isn’t pretty, but does it function? What could I add or remove so that my markup makes more sense? Remember, adding things to the markup won’t necessarily interfere with my layout because I can use CSS to completely hide elements. For instance, I’m already thinking of adding some kind of header before the four main navigation links (i.e. Blog, Archive, Info, and Contact) to set them apart from the section above them. My layout sets them apart prominently with positioning and visual appearance, but the markup itself doesn’t indicate what they are or that they are important. A header would fix that, and I could hide it using CSS so it doesn’t interfere with my layout.

What else could use a tweak? Let me know in the comments.

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