Janene’s graduation

Janene’s graduation

I came to the realization the other day that I never so much as peeped about my wife’s graduation back in May. I have a draft here that looks like I was planning to embed a video, but the video I took wasn’t real great because I started it a split second too late1 and only got Janene’s last name being announced. I think I was waiting to blog about it until I could grab a copy of my mom’s video and then it got lost in the shuffle like so many things seem to do. I’m especially puzzled as to why I didn’t even Twitter anything from the commencement ceremony. That’s the least I could’ve done. Anyway, I’ll quit my rambling and get to the point.

My lovely wife, Janene, graduated from University of Utah on May 3 with a Masters of Science in Speech-Language Pathology. Here’s my mom’s video of the commencement ceremony (not the whole thing, just the important bit):

This achievement is the culmination of six years of hard work and dedication, and I’m very proud of Janene. I wish I had half the drive and determination she does when it comes to things like this.

Janene is now completing her clinical fellowship year—the last thing she needs before being fully certified to practice as a speech therapist—working full-time for a local school district in early intervention. She meets with parents of toddlers and infants who are at risk or already showing signs of speech disorders to educate the parents on how to best interact with their children speech-wise and to explain the services the public school system will have to offer them when they’re old enough. She’s also working part time in acute and rehab for a local hospital doing speech therapy and swallow evaluation and treatment with various kinds of adult patients. She keeps busy, but it’s obvious to me she has a passion for the work she’s doing.

Congratulations, sweetheart. I love you! End mark

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  1. If you listen carefully at the beginning of my mom’s video, you can hear my dad telling me I should start my video. []