Assembly line

This production line, built entirely from Legos, builds simple Lego cars without any intervention from the user other than selecting colors at the beginning of the process. This heavily utilizes the new Lego Mindstorm Robots, of course, which come with development software that makes them programmable. Sheesh, kids these days.

2 thoughts on “Assembly line

  1. 1. What does “built entirely from Legos” mean, anyway? Obviously, it isn’t built entirely from little plastic blocks.

    2. Why are the colors the assembly line chooses all already used up and the other colors are not being used? Can the machine only make one color of car?

    3. Somehow, I think “kids these days” had nothing to do with this project.

    4. In response to Stu, I found that you have to have entirely too much time on your hand just to watch the clip!

    5. Thanks for sharing.

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