More nickels

My mother-in-law gave me $20 in nickels for my birthday (that’s 400 nickels if you’re counting with me at home), along with a jar that counts coins as you drop them in through a slot in the top. If the jar is accurate, I have 490 nickels in there currently. Add to that the 21 nickels I have in my PayPal account, and I’m up to 511. Only 31,489 nickels to go. Sweet!

If you’re paying attention, the number of nickels in my PayPal account hasn’t changed at all since my last update. Is a nickel too much to ask? Come on all you PayPal users out there! Click the button. I dare you! End mark

What’s all this about, you ask? Check out the original post for details.

  • Kristen

    I’d be happy to donate some nickels, however I don’t have a paypal account nor do I ever see you in person anymore. I guess I could mail you some nickels. :D

  • Are you going to actually purchase said macbook with the nickels? Cause it seems to me that they will look at you like you are crazy! Oh wait, this is Joey. Ok so, nickels it is! But you know that if you actually put them in a bank and earn interest on them, then you could get like 3 or 4 more nickels to help you out. But I guess that would not be the point? Anyway, I have a macbook, and I LOVE it!! So good luck to you! I will save all my nickels for you.

  • Hey Joey!
    I say your name on Erin Tennet’s blog and wondered if this was you. It is. Sounds like you are enjoying life. Good for you. Well, I just wanted to say “HI”.


  • I moved all my money out of my paypal account a few months ago. But I’m working on making some online money and it’ll all go to my paypal account. So as soon as I have a nickel in Paypal I’ll send ya one!

    Thanks for replying to my tweets the past couple of weeks!

  • Ezra

    Are you getting any closer to you Notebook?

  • How is your nickel count doint now?

  • ScW

    this reminds me of the “brothers” at my high school growing up. They’d say:

    “Let me hold a nickel”

    I always thought it was a funny way to ask for a nickel since they were neither “holding it” to then hand it back nor planning or holding it long nor paying you back for it.

    Obviously, your more honest approach is better and a nickel is no longer part of my precious lunch money… which is why I donated one.