I have just finished listening to the second (and most recent) sermon in an excellent new series being preached by Pastor John Piper of Bethlehem Baptist Church in Minneapolis, Minnesota. It’s an expository series that will take an entire year to go verse by verse through the whole Gospel of John. The first two sermons have been fantastic, and I would encourage—no, it needs to be a stronger word than that: exhort? urge. impel!—you, whoever you are, to watch, read, or listen to them yourself.

To that end, here is a link to the series: The Gospel of John. I’d love to chat with you about these sermons, so please please leave a comment if you do check them out. End mark

4 thoughts on “Gospel

  1. My concern with such projects is that they focus too much on the words of scripture. As if each and every word were chosen so carefully when written, that one can make valid inferences about intent from a word by word analysis. I think most such analyses are fundamentally flawed. I believe that those are who do this sort of thing are so desperate to get “something new” from these verses that they would examine each letter if it made some sense. I prefer to read scripture over and over in order to gain a better understanding. Meditation is fantastic way to focus one’s mind on understanding at a deeper level. Hopefully, John doesn’t fall into this trap.

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