LDS Linker 2.5

Version 2.5 of the LDS Linker plugin for WordPress is now available from the WordPress plugin repository. Version 2.5 adds support for using en-dashes in passage references (hooray for typography!). Additionally, you can now cancel the linking of any passage reference by preceding it with an exclamation mark. This is mostly useful for when you accidentally trigger a reference link where you don’t want one, i.e., “the Omni 2 digital camera is an improvement over the popular Omni 1.” Lastly, you can now set the hyperlinks to open in a new window if you prefer. Version 2.5 also fixes a number of bugs related to how certain characters, such as ampersands, en-dashes, and em-dashes, can be encoded.

  • You may download the plugin here:
  • For additional information, frequently asked questions, and a complete change log, see the LDS Linker page at the WordPress Plugin Directory.

Here’s some background for those who don’t know what I’m talking about: the LDS Linker plugin for WordPress changes any Latter-day Saint scripture reference in a blog post into a hyperlink pointing to the appropriate passage in the Internet Edition of the LDS Scriptures. It recognizes references whether the book name is written out or shortened using the standard abbreviations.

Here are some examples:

Moro 10:3–5 is a scripture mastery verse. Other scripture mastery verses include Mosiah 4:30, D&C 130:22–23, and JS-H 1:15–20. I have Articles of Faith 1:1–13 memorized—how ’bout you?

A big thanks goes out to those who’ve helped me improve the code. Are you using LDS Linker? Please let me know what you think. End mark

  • Caleb Jones

    Thanks for this! I was thinking about writing my own plugin for this (before I was forming the URLs myself manually).

    Thanks for a nice plugin!

  • JPMarichal

    I’m using this plugin to develop a wp site for lds. The site is in Spanish. I must tell you that the ldslinker_language doesn’t work at all. I’m now struggling with the books variable. I’d appreciate any comment about it, and I will give you feedback about this. Great work. Regards.

  • I’m using this plugin on a few websites. It’s great, works as expected. Thanks :)

  • did you realize the plugin broke with the drop of the old now all links need to go to Im about to delve into the code to fix it.

    If you could offer an official upgrade all (including me) would be in your debt forever.

  • Lance, after dinking around with the plugin for a second, I discovered you are indeed correct about it being broken if you are running it in “Passage Search” mode. I myself always run it in “Direct Lookup” mode, which is why I hadn’t noticed the problem. If you go to your Admin interface, click Settings, then LDS Linker, and drop down the box for “URL Construction Method” and choose “Direct Lookup”, that should fix the problem.

    Now, as it currently stands, I’m relying on to properly redirect my old URLs to the new URLs, so I probably should make an attempt to bring the plugin more up-to-date, but this little workaround will at least work for the immediate future until I can get an update out in the wild.

    Thanks for bringing this to my attention. Cheers!

  • Lance, it also just occurred to me, if you really liked the old Passage Search mode, you could edit the plugin and replace all instances of “” with “”. That will point it back to the old site, which should still work.